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Take the Tour

ODBCFace Interactive TourInvest 5 minutes in the interactive tour that introduces ODBCFace V3.4.0 and you'll be amazed at how easy this new version is to use!

To view this web presentation you will need to download the Office Animation Runtime from Microsoft or install Office XP.

Customers are starting to refer to ODBCFace as "EXL" (Extraction, Excel and Loading).

How many times have you or your users been forced to manually key information from your ERP system into Excel and vice versa ? This could break the integrity of information in your ERP system, costing you additional time to re-input the results to your legacy system.

ODBCFace can bring integration back to the fragmented flow of information.

Schedule a FREE Online Demo

FREE Online DemoSend an email to System Tech Consulting or call us @ +1 (877) 882-1202 (Toll Free from US / Canada). 

Our staff will be happy to present you with a FREE online demo of ODBCFace

In minutes we will show you how easy it should be to transform a manual process into an integrated flow of information to and from
your ERP or legacy system.

How you can extract, maintain and upload information by unleashing the power of Excel.

How an XML feed of information can be minutes away with the simplicity of the only ETL tool that does not require you to go through the learning curve that other ETL tools require.

You wanted a Wizard, you have it...

ODBCFace 3 steps WizardVersion 3.4.0 of ODBCFace comes equipped with a new development wizard that will reduce the distance between you and a fully functional maintenance model to three fast and easy steps.

Creating a maintenance model for a master table is now going to be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

In the ETL world there is no tool as fast and easy as ODBCFace.

Worried about XML?

XML ExampleDo you need to interface your legacy database with XML information?

Do you want to take the complexity out of developing custom interfaces to exchange information with your internet data provider?

Discover how with ODBCFace an interface with any XML data provider becomes a matter of hours instead of weeks.

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Interactive Tour
Download the PowerPoint Show version of the ODBCFace interactive tour.
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Stolt Offshore Stolt Offshore
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"ODBCFace is Incredible"
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Todd Walsh
"It just keeps on going and going"
Tyco Healthcare
Mark Stevenson
"ODBCFace beats anything I've seen"
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Ashley Morgan
"We use this tool to maintain our database. It is awesome !"
Shoe Critic
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